Hi, I bought a pkt of your shoulder bacon @ Yering stn market today. Flavoursome. Rich
& smells like bacon should. Keep up the wholesome produce. Pioneers would be proud of your work. My son also liked your trailer! "A fridge as a trailer!" See you around the valley again


Always buy my pork, bacon and ham from Happy Valley. Roasted HV pork shoulder always tastes delicious and the crackling is heaven. Lunch time bread rolls with Jo's ham, salad and avocado...always hard to stop at one. The bacon is a treat, crisped up with some free range eggs, and without that mass produced metallic taste. It's great to know the animals have a natural existence with access to fresh air and room to move.


Best Christmas ham EVER! Actually we purchase Jo's ham all year round as we know that it is truly free range. Jo was nice enough to show the kids and I around the farm where we could see the piggies roaming in their paddocks for ourselves.


We love the sausages, pork and ham; you work so hard to bring us true free range pork and we are delighted to support an ethical and honest endeavour, best taste too! Good stuff farmer Jo