Our Pigs

Pigs are wonderful animals. Each has their own personality and they express themselves thru their ‘voice’ and actions like wagging their tails or curling them up!

On our farm we have crossbred sows.Most of our sows are Large White crossed with Duroc, Berkshire or Wessex Saddleback. Large Whites are used in the commercial industry because they are fast growing and produce lean meat. We have found them to be very good doers in the paddocks and they rarely get sunburnt as they as they have access to wallows with shade cloth over the top. Pigs coat themselves in mud to act as a sunscreen.

Two of our boars, Chipper and Jolly, are purebred Large Whites, with large teddy bear ears! Arnold is our only heritage breed boar (Wessex Saddleback) and being a bit smaller will be great for young gilts and their first litters.

Our pigs love to lie in the wallows and sleep there during the day... what a great life!!